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What style of Labrador Retrievers do you breed?


English style: The dogs are pure-bred and conform to the AKC guidelines for the breed. The puppies are sold with health checks and registration papers.



Why do you breed your dogs?


For the love of the Labrador Retriever breed and to improve it. We breed our dogs for temperament and appearance.



Do your puppies come with certifications?


Yes. Cerfication from OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals) and CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation).



How long does a Labrador Retriever typically lives for?


10 to 15 years.



What color Labrador do you recommend?


All three colors are beautiful, intelligent with a good temperament. It's only a question of taste.



Do you ship your puppies?





When will I be able to pick up my new puppy?


At 8 weeks of age. Not before that.




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