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Customer Testimonials

Labrador Retriever puppies for sale NY

Blue - Stamford, CT


After having to say Goodbye to our 14 year old Black Labrador Bird, we were devastated. We decided to get a new puppy to help filling the void and mending our broken hearts.

Karen and David were so helpful in choosing the right puppy for us. Blue is smart, sweet, funny and beautiful...Just the perfect puppy.


We were a little apprehensive about going through the puppy phase again after 14 years: Well, Blue, away from his family, slept through the first night with no accident in his crate and not a peep. He was house-trained in no time, and now 7 month old, we could not be happier with him.


A new dog never "replace" a lost one, but it sure helps! And now, we could not imagine our lives without Blue.


Catherine and Stephen S. Stamford, CT

Orville & Wilbur - Massapequa Park, NY


Orville and Wilbur are indeed the "right" brothers for our family! My husband and I have an older chocolate lab, Osa, and we weren't sure how she would handle a puppy. So, of course, we got two. Because they were litter mates they enjoyed playing with each other. Osa is well respected by these two sweet boys since they keep the rough and tumble play for each other.

As a former dog trainer, these dogs are top notch. They are attentive, eager to please and well balanced, which has made training them a pleasure. Where ever we go, we are stopped by people admiring our handsome boys. Not to mention the fact that they are the darlings of the dog park. Thank you Karen and Dave for breeding such exceptional dogs!


Doreen F. Massapequa Park, NY

Labrador Retriever puppies for sale NY
Labrador Retriever puppies for sale NY

Bella - Ridge, NY


We had a chocolate lab Dakota for almost 15yrs. He was our love. When we lost him our hearts were broken.


We were ready to give our love to our sweet little BELLA.


We thank Karen and Dave. They are wonderful people who helped us have our sweet little girl.


Ginny and Arthur. Ridge, NY



Tukka - Orange, CT


Our family had been wanting a dog for some time, but with busy schedules and active children, the timing never seemed right. After much discussion and planning, we finally decided that it was time. Our hope was to find a dog that would be "easy" to train, was friendly and had an excellent temperament - not an easy task. We had heard all the stories from friends about their pups - sleepless nights, mistakes all over the house, barking, chewing and hyperactivity. So the search was on to try and find that dog, and after much research we were recommended by a breeder to look into Karen Temple.


We couldn't be more happier with our pup. Tukka is a happy, gentle dog, easy to train and loves our family. He's been a pure pleasure - for a family with little dog experience, he has eased us into the process and made dog ownership a joy. I would not hesitate to recommend a Temple Labrador!


Nick E. Orange, CT



Labrador Retriever puppies for sale NY
Labrador Retriever puppies for sale NY

Baxter - Middletown, CT


Baxter is such a blessing to our family! We lost our 13 year old beloved Black Lab, Max, right after Memorial Day! Max was the most famous dog in Middletown as he was our high school crew team's mascot, ambassador for all things scout related and went everywhere with us. We will always hold a special place in our hearts... for Max but that is exactly why we knew we needed to hear the sound of puppy feet in the house again!!


We immediately went in search of a lab that would be our gentle giant and carry on where Max left off! Into our lives comes Baxter!!! So sweet, curious, smart and of course so darn cute!!! Baxter has assumed his position in our crew team's boathouse and all have absolutely fallen in love with him. He has already visited our scout reservation and loves hiking! Thank you Karen for allowing us to be Baxter's forever family!!! We are madly in love! Kelly is such a great mother and has a loving spirit that she has passed on to her pups! Everyone cannot believe how sweet Baxter is!!


I have already recommended Temple Labradors to all of my friends. It is definitely worth the 1 1/2 hour drive from CT!!


Jackie C. Middletown, CT



Brodie - Smithtown, NY


Our family was sorely missing the love, devotion and FUNfilled energy of a Lab well over a year after losing our beloved Dillon, a 12 yo Yellow Lab. We began our search for a new pup and quickly realized the tender, loving, nurturing care the breeders of Temple Labradors provided.

Karen and David are wonderful caring breeders and amazing people. We brought home our Brody, an 8 week old English Choc Lab in September and find our family again filled by the energetic love of our new member.


No offense to any other lab or lab owner but our Temple Lab is the most handsome and beautiful pup, as the pictures show! Throughout the process Karen thoughtfully (and patiently) responded to our phone calls and emails and readily sent pictures of the litter from birth. We got to meet Brody's mom Margie, and found her to be sweet and gentle.

Our family is ever grateful to Karen and David for their special gift as breeders. It has been a joy to work with them, their puppies are simply perfection, Brody especially! With much gratitude and love.


The Brittman Family Smithtown, NY

Labrador Retriever puppies for sale NY
Labrador Retriever puppies for sale NY



We had several recommendations for Karen Temple of Temple Labradors and are so glad we followed up on them. Karen is a wonderful lady and truly loves her dogs and the puppies they produce. We chose our tiny bundle of fluff "Dexter" and Karen kept us up to date with photographs and his progress before we could collect him. We have had Dexter in our lives for a few months now and he is a sweet, gentle boy who you can tell came from a living environment. Thank you Temple Labradors, we love our boy!


Zara, Andy & Charlotte Clark

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