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Puppy Care

Getting ready for your new puppy: There are many things you will need to do and get before your new additon comes home.
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Puppy proof your house

Put away everything you don’t want him  to chew on, and anything that could harm him. Remember that he will be curious and playful.

Dog Crate


Purchase a dog crate that is just big enough for him to turn around. Crate training is a very successful housebreaking method; a crate will keep your dog safe during travel; a crate provides your dog with his own "doggie bedroom" in your house.


You will need some soft blankets or a fluffy pad to make your dog comfortable in his crate.

Puppy food

Be sure you have some puppy food and tiny treats! Ideally, a bag of the food the breeder uses.
Puppies' stomachs can get easily upset by a switch, so when you do switch, it's best to gradually do so using less of the old and more of the new food.
Food and water bowls

Stainless steel is best: it is sanitary and tough enough for those little puppy teeth. When your puppy is older you can get him and elevated dog feeder, which is healthier for most dogs.

A flat collar

You might as well get a non expensive one for now, since you puppy is going to grow fast and go through a couple of them before you get him an adult dog collar. You will also need a leash.

An ID tag

To go on the collar. It's always a good idea to get that ID tag on.

Labrador Retriever puppies for sale NY


Get the kind that he will not be able to destroy (too easily) . Play nice with him, no tug of war games for now that might develop an aggressive behavior. We have found that every time you see your puppy chew on something he not supposed to, replacing it with one of his own toys will teach him what he can chew and what he cannot. You might want to purchase a dog toy box to keep his toy all in one place, which teaches him where they are instead of being spread all over the house.

Do not let him jump on people. It might be cute now, but not so much when he reaches 80 pounds…


If your puppy is not housebroken get started right away. This is when a crate comes in handy. Every time you take him out of the crate, take him outside to do his business. He will not “go” in his crate (that is if you didn’t buy him a Mansion). Teach him to go outside and encourage and praise him when he does.


Make an appointment with your favorite veterinarian for a puppy check-up. If you do not have one ask for a recommendation from the breeder or dog owner friends.

Puppy training classes

Enroll your puppy in training classes. They are a lot of fun for you and him.  The handlers will teach BOTH of you basics commands and behaviors. It’s also a great way to socialize him with other dogs and people.

All these tips and recommendations are basic information, and in no way complete. They are books, trainers and more to help.

Always remember to be kind to him. He is only a puppy and just learning. It will take time and patience. Positive reinforcement work wonders! Always, always praise him and reward him with a treat when he is a Good Boy! You will be best friends forever!

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